Verona: New stadium like ancient amphitheatre?

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Verona: New stadium like ancient amphitheatre? The events of the last weeks suggest that there will soon be a breakthrough in the construction of a new venue for Hellas. In the next few months, we will get to know the detailed design of the stadium and its financing.


New stadium in 2024?

The design of the new facility with 27,000 seats is to be prepared by Populous. The concept involves the demolition of Stadio Marc Antonio Bentegodi and the construction of a new stadium on the same site. The first visualizations of Nuova Arena di Verona (temporary name of the new stadium) appeared in 2019.

Nuova Arena Verona

The venue is to be built on a circular plan with an area of 40,000 square metres and will have two-level stands. The inspiration for this concept of the stadium was the ancient amphitheatre. We already know that there will be no athletics track, the pitch will remain in the same place and the stadium's car park will accommodate over 700 cars.

Additionally, a hotel, museum and shopping centre are to be built along with the facility. The size of the new venue is to be smaller than Bentegodi, which will enable the creation of an urban park around it. The project also includes the construction of a temporary 16,000-seat stadium on Via Sogare.

Nuova Arena Verona

According to the latest reports, Populous are to prepare a detailed stadium design by June this year and the construction itself is to cost € 100 million. After completing the design documentation, the city authorities are to announce a tender for the contractor of the facility. Construction works are planned to start in mid-2022, which will last until the end of 2024.

Financing from private funds

Andre Abodi, president of Istituto per il Credito Sportivo, backed the project. This organization would play an advisory role and lead a group of banks that would cover more than half of the construction expenditure. The rest of the costs would be borne by private investors.

Nuova Arena Verona

Nuova Arena VeronaThe city authorities are to deal with the tender for the construction and work out solutions with residents regarding the future appearance of the Piazzale Olimpia district, where Nuova Arena di Verona would be built. However, not everyone on the city council is optimistic about the creation of the stadium.

City councilor Michele Bertucco has serious reservations about how the investment is financed. Bertucco questioned Istituto per il Credito Sportivo's ability to lead the project economically, stressing that the entity's share capital was only € 10,000.

To start construction works, three conditions must be met simultaneously. Design documentation for the stadium must be finished, necessary urban changes in the Piazzale Olimpia district must be made, as well as a detailed investment financing plan. Currently, only Hellas is involved in the work on the design documentation of the stadium. Chievo, the second big club from Verona, is not participating in the project.

Author: Tomasz Sobura