New stadium: Adana stadium completed after seven years

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New stadium: Adana stadium completed after seven years Construction works began in 2014 and were to last approximately two years. Unfortunately, this did not happen and only now, after almost five years of delay, the stadium is opened for two second-tier teams.


Derby game at the old stadium

The inaugural match of the new stadium was to be the city derbies between Adanaspor and Adana Demirspor (2-2), which were played on February 14. Unfortunately, due to the prolonged works on eliminating the recent shortcomings, it was impossible to play the fixture at the new Adana Stadium.

The arena of the game was Adana 5 Ocak Stadyumu, which will soon be turned into a city park. There was a lot of talk about its demolition and the construction of a shopping mall or housing estate in its place. However, under pressure from the local residents, it was decided to abandon the above plans.

Yeni Adana Stadyumu© Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Gençlik ve Spor Bakanlığı

The opening of the new stadium took place on February 19, when Adana Demirspor was defeated 1:2 by Izmir's Altay in the 1.Lig (second tier of Turkish football). The event had prominent politicians in attendance, as well as a call with president Erdoğan.

The new facility was built in the Sarıçam district, 10 kilometres north of Adana city centre. The venue was ordered and built by the Housing Development Board (TOKI). Construction financing came from public funds. Creation of the stadium reportedly cost TRY 140 million (€ 15.4 million at the end of 2020), although we expect the prrice tag to not be final. It started in 2014 and ended in December 2020.

Yeni Adana Stadyumu© Adana Büyükşehir Belediyesi

New stadium as home of two clubs

Yeni Adana Stadyumu was designed in harmony with the surrounding landscape. In the conceptual phase, the slope of the terrain was taken into account, thanks to which the stadium building blended into the surroundings and optically softened its size. The venue, from the façade to the roof, is a lightweight structure, designed with the Mediterranean climate in mind.

The layout of the tribunes is typical for football venues, the two tiers of the stands are separated in the middle by a line of sky boxes and VIP seats. The stadium's roof is circular and extends well beyond the stands. Its skeleton is made of delicate steel ropes covered with a white membrane. The entire structure enables natural air conditioning thanks to uninterrupted air circulation. Additional aesthetic qualities of the building are emphasized by a simple but dynamic facade with numerous perforations.

Yeni Adana Stadyumu© TFF

The stadium has seating arranged in a mosaic showing flames in blue-navy blue and orange-white. The colours refer to the local clubs that have become the hosts of the facility. In the first case it is about Adana Demirspor and in the second one it is about Adanaspor.

The stadium has a restaurant with an area of 3,218 square metres, canteen, first aid rooms, a prayer room and two relaxation pools. There are access points for spectators with 10 elevators, 2 escalators and 104 turnstiles throughout the stadium. There is a car park for 1,444 cars around the facility.

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