Spanish giants Real Madrid and their $650m reconstruction

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Spanish giants Real Madrid and their $650m reconstruction Real Madrid have played at the famous Santiago Bernabeu for 73 years. Now, renovations are underway to make this stadium one of the best in the world. The redevelopment is said to be completed before the 2022/2023 season, allowing the Spanish Giants to return home from Alfredo Di Stefano Stadium. Here are some of the innovative upgrades Real Madrid are adding to their stadium.


A hotel, shops and restaurants

There is no doubt that fans love coming to see their team play at the Santiago Bernabeu. In addition, a lot of tourists from all over the world come to enjoy the football. Now, it is going to be more than just a football stadium. This redevelopment plans to create a community, with the addition of shops and restaurants to enhance the experience. There is also going to be a hotel and 65,000 square feet of gardens, a neat gren space for everyone to enjoy.

Santiago Bernabeu

New 360-degree video screen

When you are at a football match, you like to experience every moment of it. Unfortunately, it is too easy to miss shots and important parts of the match. Whether you are checking the betting odds during a game or going to get a drink at the kiosk, taking your eyes of the game for a second can be costly. But the good news is, there is going to be a new 360-degree video screen installed at the Santiago Bernabeu. This is going to be visible for everyone in the stadium and enhance the fan experience.

The addition of a retractable roof

The Santiago Bernabeu has always been an outdoor stadium. Of course, this is wonderful when the weather is good in Spain. In particular, evening games can be enjoyed with warmth and under the floodlights. However, when there is bad weather, this can be miserable for fans. The seats are wet and the overall atmosphere and fan experience are affected.

But this is no longer going to be a problem at the Santiago Bernabeu. During this amazing reconstruction, they are adding a roof. This is going to be retractable, which means it can be open and closed as desired. Therefore, when there is bad weather, the roof will cover all of the pitch for the benefit of the fans and players. Indeed, when the summer weather is here, the roof will be retracted back and everyone can enjoy the outdoor breeze. This addition is also going to be beneficial for the longevity of the stadium. Seats and areas of the stadium will be protected.

Capacity will be lowered

A lot of people assume that when a stadium is being redeveloped it is going to increase its capacity. However, the opposite is actually happening with the Santiago Bernabeu redevelopment. It is the second-largest football stadium in Spain and it is going to stay this way. However, the capacity will be reduced from 81,044 to 81,043. It may be only one seat but it is relatively unheard of that a stadium is reduced with such a major redevelopment of $650 million.