Padua: Modernization of Stadio Euganeo begins

source: [TS]; author: Tomasz Sobura

Padua: Modernization of Stadio Euganeo begins The stadium’s revamp has been divided into two phases, with the first stage focusing on the south tribune. The planned completion date of the first phase is scheduled for October next year.


Revamp instead of building a completely new stadium

Two years ago, the construction of a new stadium with a capacity of 16,500 seats was planned. In December 2018, a stadium project by Progetto CMR and Sportium was created, which was later abandoned due to a lack of funds for the investment. The expenditure of € 100 million for the new facility exceeded the financial capacity of both the club and the city. It was also not possible to find private entities ready to cover some of these costs.

Stadio Euganeo reconstruction

Ultimately, it was decided to revamp the Stadio Euganeo, built in 1994. The cost of the works is expected to be € 12 million, and they will be divided into two phases.

The start of works on the stadium is possible thanks to the change of regulations, which simplified the tender procedures. The new law made it possible for the local authorities to invite companies directly to submit offers for the modernization of the venue.

Ultimately, the contractor of the works will be Esteel, who was responsible for the construction of the roof of the Stadio Olimpico. The company from Rome turned out to be the best of the four interested parties. On December 16th, a press conference was held at the Stadio Euganeo, during which the venue was handed over to the aforementioned company

Curva Sud goes first

The reconstruction of Curva Sud is the most important part of the work schedule in the first phase of the stadium modernization. The total cost of the works should close to € 5.8 million. The new tribune will be able to accommodate 3,200 spectators, and two sports halls will be adjacent to it, one for basketball and the other for multi-purpose. Each of them is to accommodate about a thousand viewers, moreover, they will have office space and catering facilities.

An equally important element of the stadium's revamp is bringing the stands closer to the pitch, due to the liquidation of the athletics track. It was never really needed, as such events rarely took place at the stadium, and fans have repeatedly questioned the sense of its existence. As a result, the distance between the south stand and the pitch will be only six meters.

Stadio Euganeo reconstruction

Curva Sud is to be covered with an arched roof, which was designed in such a way that as much sunlight as possible reaches the turf. It is important especially in the winter months from the point of view of the impact of low temperature on the condition of the pitch. The barriers separating the stand from the pitch will be 1.1 meters high.

The amount of € 5.8 million also includes the Curva Sud connection to the west and east tribunes. A club museum and restaurants will be built there. Nine elevators are to be among the amenities for fans gathered on the south stand.

Reconstruction of Curva Nord as the final stage of modernization

The second phase of the reconstruction involves bringing the Curva Nord closer to the pitch, while maintaining a distance of 15 meters between the playing field and the stand. This is to make it possible to obtain the necessary space for the installation of the music stage for summer concerts.

The north stand will basically be a mirror image of the south stand, with the difference that it will be slightly smaller and will have a capacity of 2,000 seats. A climbing hall is to be built at the rear of Curva Nord. Reconstruction of the north stand with the hall should be completed in the amount of € 6 million. Works will begin with the completion of the south stand.

When completed, Stadio Euganeo will seat 28,000 spectators. This will enable football matches, rugby fixtures, and the organization of music events. If the concerts are organized, it will be possible to admit an additional 15,000 spectators who will be located on the pitch. During the renovation of Stadio Euganeo, the Serie C Padova Calcio will still be playing at its stadium.

Author: Tomasz Sobura