Construction work underway on the new Sydney stadium

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Construction work underway on the new Sydney stadium It was the beginning of August that work started in earnest on the new-look Sydney Football Stadium project, and according to the government of New South Wales, the stadium would be completed in time to host the 2022 Grand Final of the National Rugby League.


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The work started with the acting sports minister, Geoff Lee, assuring that there is a commitment by the government to deliver on its pledge of making sure they complete the 42,500 capacity stadium, which is also commercially known ad Allianz Stadium, one month before the October 2022 slated Grand Final. He made the assurance while supervising the pouring of the first of the 40,000 m3 slab that the site will consume.

Talking about the commitment, he posited that the government has always promised that the stadium will be ready to host the grand final of the 2022 NRL, as reported by the He stated that based on their current schedule, everything is on track.

Sydney Football Stadium

This project is part of a master plan that many people have described as controversial, which seeks to overhaul the sporting venues in Sidney. The government of the New South Wales made an announcement in May stating that it has cancelled plans for the renovation and upgrading of the ANZ stadium. The press release stated that the funds originally budgeted for the upgrade would be redirected towards infrastructures that create jobs, because they wanted to boost the local economy to cushion the backdrop of the health crisis.

For a very long time, the stadium has been due for redevelopment as part of a bigger infrastructures project that involves the renovation of the Allianz Stadium too. Now, while the government posited that the plan to refurbish the ANZ stadium, which is also referred to as the Stadium Australia, is a people oriented project and one that has the support of the New South Wales inhabitants, the current economic and health situation of the world means that the project is no longer a priority.

Talking about this, Lee posited that the schedule for the construction of the Allianz Stadium will not be affected by the current health condition in the world, though the shift times will be staggered, and the rules of social distancing observed. He also said that this project will create more than 80 jobs within the next two years. According to him, the John Holland construction firm has done a nice job, as they’ve not been slowed down by the present condition. For him, they are currently on track to deliver. He went ahead to posit that the entire idea is centered on jobs, jobs, and jobs. The project focuses on creating jobs for the people, even as the health crisis rages.

There were reports of some delays on the Allianz Stadium project in the beginning of May, which could entail that it may not be ready to host the 2022 Grand Final. this came through an online forum involving John Holland and the New South Wales’ Infrastructure NSW body, where it was revealed that the an updated timetable for the construction depicted a technical completion time of July 2022, while the full completion time was given as the end of the third quarter of the year, which is by the end of September.

Last December, the Chinese owned firm, John Holland, was picked by the government to build the Sidney football stadium, because there were indications that the price for the project had gone up by Aus $99 m, which is £54.4 m / €60.3 m or $71.5 m.

The government of New South Wales was pushed to start the search for a new partner in July 2019 after the project was abandoned by Lendlease. It was in December 2018 that the government made Lendlease the contractor for the project. Though they completed the demolition of the structures existing on the venue already, John Sidoti, the minister of sports, informed the public that the firm will not be able to complete the project of rebuilding the Moore Park site stadium according to the requirements of the government as it concerns the time and budget involved.

While the new contract to rebuild the stadium was awarded to John Holland for Aus$ 735 m, when demolition and other contingency costs are factored in, the estimated total cost as at December increased by Aus$ 828 m. During elections, the manifesto of the present government informed the people that they were going to complete the project with a budget of Aus$ 729 m.

For a long time, many people have looked at Melbourne as the events and sports center of the country. However, according to Lee, the new Allianz Stadium will enhance the pulling power of Sidney to a great extent once again. He said that they want it to remain here, whether it is the huge blockbuster or the Grand Final of the AFL. He further said that the Grand Final of the AFL is welcomed to Sidney,