Why students are the most active football fans

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Why students are the most active football fans Loyalty is a rare element to earn but students have made it quite clear that they will remain loyal to their football teams. Right from their enthusiasm as they cheer and celebrate their players, to the point of going that extra mile to stick with the team even when they lose.


They have proven to be the best and most active set of fans you can have. There are different groups of fans and here are some reasons why they are the most active football fans.

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They love the game 

From the football families to the die-hard fans, they all have one thing in common, the love of football. When they see their players moving around with the ball full of skills and tact, they dream and get inspired.

This love leads them to develop mutual football families, depending on their demographics. In this case, most of them are fans of their school’s football team and will always attend their match in whichever location. Some students come from within the community of the team and develop a lasting bond with it.

They often have an inborn unity during the game that gets them new friends while cheering. They match their clothes and are always at the front line of screaming so loud whenever their team scores a goal. And for their writing assignments? Well, they often seek edubirdie's help. It’s a professional writing service that provides high-quality essays, term papers, coursework on demand. There can’t be a better way to enjoy football!

They invest in the players and the game 

They are often dressed up in colorful shirts that match their teams’ signature look and match them with extra accessories. They come in teams of two, three, or more with embroidered team logos on their clothes. You cannot beat their killer outfits and amazing tattoos on parts of their body declaring their undying support for the game.

They can go that extra mile to look hilarious in their outfits and would not mind at the many giggles you will let them hear. They even go that extra mile to tag along with friends to the game as a company. They take hours to these casual fans and in the end, one cannot let go of an opportunity to have a live stream of the game with a friend.

They get to set the internet ablaze with their constant updates of the match and are willing to start an online war with anyone hating their team.

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Rivalry is their end game

The haters will state hate but that cannot stop the match from going on nor the teams from doing their best. Rivalry motivates them to keep their faith in their teams, it enhances their cohesion, and makes them patriotic. They will cheer harder and louder for their teams whenever they face a rival

It drives them to motivate their team and go that extra mile to make them better. They are always willing to travel across the globe and miss going for that trip to the Maldives or Bali, only to be there when the game starts. Especially when their rival team is playing with their team.

They will stand and shout at the referee whenever their players fall on the wrong side of the game’s rules. They pass their pride and legacy down to their juniors who keep up in the same spirit.

students love footballFood photo created by freepik - www.freepik.com

It drives their daily lives

They are die-hard fans who attend all games, whether their team hosts or is away from home. They begin shifting their schedule immediately as they get updates of the match dates. They can even sacrifice their snack money to save up for the game tickets weeks before. 

They find fulfillment in football and take out their evenings to watch their team practice in the field. Some of them create football families from their friends and classmates and always control the routine to fit their match days. 

They are crazy about the game and can take a break from doing research to reply to negative tweets about their team or any of its members. They often go ahead and create hashtags to counter their rivals and this keeps them on social media throughout waiting for a cold war to rise.

They can play the villain of the game 

If you are aspiring to win a game that student fans support the most, then your answer is a painful loss. They get crazy in the worst but amazing ways, especially when the season is about to end. Your team cannot stand a chance against theirs, not with their aggressive chants and the greatest hypes.

They will do anything in their power to ensure their team comes out victorious. Even if it means telling on the opponents or getting creative, they are up to the task. Their grounds are the hardest places to win a match, so get ready to face these supportive beasts with a set sense of mind.

They have bizarre traditions of either attending in large numbers to fill the stadium and lockout most of their opponent’s fans. They also opt for getting too loud as they cheer.


Football lets you have an experience like no other and students are the best people to attest to this. Right from the dribbling and the passing of the ball across the field that often carries them away. They love how the matches are flawless and are willing to go that extra mile to cheer their teams and defend them. They are the best supporters you can ever find in a football game.


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