London: Wimbledon to begin season at QPR over stadium delivery

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London: Wimbledon to begin season at QPR over stadium delivery While it was supposed to be ready this summer, new Plough Lane stadium won't be delivered until late October. That's why AFC Wimbledon teamed up with QPR to play first fixtures there.


QPR and AFC Wimbledon have confirmed a temporary groundshare agreement. The Dons will begin their 2020/21 campaign playing at QPR's stadium in mid-September, having their first fixtures scheduled away from home.

Value of the partnership hasn't been revealed but it will last at least until late October, when the new Plough Lane stadium is ready in its first phase. Initally the ground was hoped to be operable during the summer, however uncertainty of COVID-19 has caused disruptions to the schedule and the ground will only be handed over in its initial form on October 25.

Loftus Road - QPR stadium© A Travelling Jack

Wimbledon have previously played host at Kingsmeadow in Kingston upon Thames, as landlords since 2003. However, the club sold the stadium to Chelsea FC and agreed to relocate after the 2019/20 season.

QPR's home is located just under 10 km (6 miles, in a straight line) north from the new Plough Lane stadium. Traditionally known as Loftus Road, the ground continues to be named the Kiyan Prince Foundation Stadium for the second season, seeing the positive outcome of the 2019/20 charity naming rights deal.

As for Plough Lane, construction is entering its final stages these days, both at the permanent west stand and at the temporary sections, which should eventually be replaced by larger and long-term structures.