Germany: Duisburg sponsor remains despite coronavirus

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Germany: Duisburg sponsor remains despite coronavirus Although the market for tourism has collapsed within days, Schauinsland Reisen decided to prolong the naming rights deal with MSV Duisburg. After 10 years of partnership the companies will cooperate for at least 1 more year.


Circumstances are far from perfect: MSV Duisburg were relegated to 3. Liga last year and failed narrowly to win a place in the promotion play-offs. Then the coronavirus pandemic came and hit not just the entire football world, but even more the tourism industry.

For that reason yesterday's announcement of extended cooperation between MSV and Schauinsland Reisen may have come as a surprise. Both sides of the naming rights partnership have been shaken by recent developments and it would not be surprising if Schauinsland Reisen decided to opt out, especially as the 10-year deal from 2010 has expired on June 30.

Schauinsland-Reisen-Arena© Vargasz92

But, while no financial details were disclosed, the current partner has apparently outbid another entity interested in naming rights for the stadium,

The cooperation with Schauinsland Reisen had priority for reasons other than financial, too. Both MSV and the tour operator come from Duisburg, they've been involved in a number of community-oriented initiatives locally and cooperate with youth training.

“In a time that was unusual for us, the extension was honestly not an easy decision,” says Schauinsland boss Gerald Kassner. First of all, the company management has a responsibility towards its employees, who in the past months would have had to go beyond their limits to master the challenges of the pandemic.

“But because tradition and partnership also represent a great asset to us beyond tourism, and because MSV Duisburg has an incredibly high and now consistently positive charisma far beyond city limits, we have decided to continue this partnership, successful for both sides.”