Africa: Ugandan residents discover a stadium under construction

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Africa: Ugandan residents discover a stadium under construction It's not clear who's building it or for whom to play here. But Uganda's largest and most modern football stadium is apparently being built in a quiet suburb, with no asphalt access road in sight.


The story behind this project, based on satellite images (for lack of more reliable information) dates back to 2018. This is when the quiet, picturesque and rapidly growing neighbourhood of Jomayi Nalugala saw structures larger than private housing being built. The site is located roughly 10 km (6 miles) south-west of the capital, Kampala, within a very short walk from Lake Victoria's shores. The structures have 3 floors, differing in size from the villas around.

However, the project only became famous across Uganda on Monday, as it was discovered that there is a stadium being built beside the 3-floor buildings. From satellite imagery it's clear that construction has been ongoing since October, already then showing an outline of a football-specific venue.

new stadium UgandaLatest satellite image of the stadium outline and north stand rising

But from ground level it wasn't recognisable then, especially with new projects being built all the time in what used by very loosely populated and remote area just 5 years ago. To this day you have to get off the last piece of asphalt and travel 3.6 km (2.2 miles) on dirt road to reach the site.

While it's certain that road access will improve along with the suburb's rapid growth, that's still a very remote location for what is believed to be a 30,000-capacity stadium! We're thus talking about Uganda's second largest stadium overall (after Mandela National Stadium) and largest football-specific one. According to, it would be just one of two domestic venues meeting FIFA requirements.

And yet as of now even major local media outlets were unable to identify who is building the project or for whom, exactly. What is clear is that the aforementioned 3-floor buildings will be part of a larger scheme, which means they will likely be used as hotels for one of the country's best sports precincts. Aside from the main stadium, secondary sports facilities are expected. But, obviously, it's not clear when, exactly.

new stadium Uganda