Sydney: Bankwest Stadium scores LEED Gold

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Sydney: Bankwest Stadium scores LEED Gold With numerous efforts towards sustainability during construction and in daily operation, Bankwest Stadium in Parramatta (Western Sydney) has received the LEED Gold standard.


According to official statement, Bankwest Stadium is the first stadium to receive the LEED Gold certificate under new rules, in the sustainability standard's 4th version. LEED, or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, is a range of certifications aiming to promote sustainable architecture, awarded by the US Green Building Council.

Bankwest Stadium offers a long list of features aimed at minimising its impact on the environment. Operational energy for the first 5 years in operation has been bought from 100% green sources, while the stadium can also produce its own energy through a modest solar power plant (309 individual panels) delivers 100 kWh for regular use.

The stadium's 28,000-square-metre membrane roof harvests rainwater to a 260-cubic-meter tank, which is then used for the stadium's sanitary needs. Shading, paints/cladding used and sunlight reflection are reducing the 'heat island effect'.

Long before it became Bankwest Stadium – not just in the naming rights meaning – further efforts were made to minimise negative impact of the construction site. The brownfield site was largely reused for recreational purposes, nearly 90% of waste was diverted from landfill, while a big chunk of materials used were sources locally with logistics aimed at reducing inconveniences and pollution.

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