Premier League to play multiple games at Wembley every day to conclude the season?

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Premier League to play multiple games at Wembley every day to conclude the season? Plans for the English Premier League to play up to 2 games each day at Wembley to conclude the 2019/20 season is underway.


The Wembley stadium and St George’s Park has been released by the football association to be used for Premier League games to help conclude the 2019/20 season.

The plan which was revealed by the Times is focused on having the remaining Premier League matches behind closed doors. We’ve all felt a little lost over the past couple of months. With no clear decision from the FA as of yet, we’re all hoping the remaining premier league Premier League fixtures will be carried out before the close of season. Many football fans have turned to online gaming, placing bets on virtual sports, new bingo sites online and various video slots, to help pass their time until football rears its head again.


Though the Premier League has not set any date for the return, one thing we know is that there are plans to host up to four games on neutral grounds in a single venue each day. The reason for this is to ensure that the amount of movements by traveling officials, players, and the media is reduced.

No one is expecting the premier league to come back at till June at least, as one of the senior decision makers have revealed to the Times that they will review the available options only when the timeline for the lockdown is known and the process of opening of the country set.

St George’s Park, which hosts the National Football Center and has 13 football pitches and 228 hotel rooms, will always come up as one of the best options when possible solutions for the remaining matches is sought, as it could serve as a very effective quarantine base for the clubs too.

This news is made more plausible by the statement made by Crystal Palace's Roy Hodgson, where he posited that whenever it becomes possible, the simple fact is that the season must be completed.

The 72 year old coach went ahead to tell the club website that all participants and stakeholders are of the view that there is a need for the season to be concluded naturally.

According to him, nobody wants the winner of the league, the teams to get the Champions League spot, and the teams to be relegated and promoted to be decided through artificial means.

He accepts that to build the desired fitness and get ready for the first batch of matches, players may need up to 3 weeks or a month of practice. But he also understands that it is possible to reduce the timeframe to the barest minimum.

He talked about a possible increase in the amount of restrictions at the training grounds, stadiums and match venues, or the possibility of playing the remaining games at shorter intervals than it used to be. Another change he accepted as a necessity is the fact that the duration of the break that would be given before the start of the next season would be reduced.