Legendary football stadiums and their effect on team’s betting odds

source: StadiumDB.com; author: michał

Legendary football stadiums and their effect on team’s betting odds The world is currently caught in a crisis by the Covid-19 – a new virus that is spreading across the planet excessively. All games have been stopped as we await news from UEFA. Several options are in play, with the three most popular being that the season can be played out during the summer, ending the season at this point or cancelling it.


While we wait for the decision, we wanted to remind the fans of some of the most legendary and best-known stadiums in the world. Before we check them out, let’s see what’s the status of online bookies.

Betting Amid the Coronavirus

Cancelling the season is highly unlikely to happen, which means that the rest of it will be played at some point. That’s why online bookies are still offering their services to the betting fans. Betting on the top scorers, CL winner, Ballon d’Or winner, etc., are open.

With that thought in mind, Liverpool is still the favourites to win the Premier League with odds sitting at 1/50, while Manchester City’s odds are 37/1. City might not be the favourites for the PL, but they are at the top when it comes to the Champions League. The club’s current odds are 3/1, followed by Bayern Munich with 13,4, PSG with 5/1, and Barcelona 7/1.

The best thing about online bookies is that there are plenty of options to choose from. Some of them even have great promotions like a bonus on winnings and free bets, especially during times like these. If you are willing to wager, you can find the free bet that suits you at freebets.co.uk.

Now, let’s check out some of the most popular football stadiums.

Camp Nou

This list cannot be complete without placing Camp Nou on it. This stadium has been home to Barcelona since its completion in 1957. It has a capacity of little less than 100,000 and is considered as one of the most historic places in the world of football. The legendary blue and red colours, together with the imprint "Mes Que Un Club” on the stands are some of the most memorable features of this stadium.

Barcelona is among the favourites to win La Liga as well as the Champions League. The club’s odds for winning the domestic league are 1/2, while the odds for them to lift the CL trophy are 7/1. Messi is also a favourite to be the top scorer in the Cl. His odds are currently 33/1.


One of the most iconic stadiums the world of football has ever seen is now rotting in the middle of Brazil. Maracanã hosted numerous club matches and was picked for several World Cups. After the 2016 Summer Olympics finished, Brazil’s government was heavily criticized for not taking care of the stadium. Tour visits were cancelled due to vandalism, and as of right now, the stadium remains closed.



As a stadium, Anfield became so memorable due to its atmosphere. Liverpool has some of the best and most passionate supporters in the world, which is why every club is faced with a huge challenge when they face Liverpool at home. Anfield is currently under construction and when the renovation is finished, it will have a capacity of over 60,000. The famous logo “This is Anfield” in the walkout tunnel is regarded as a lucky charm for the team.

Even though Liverpool was considered as the biggest favourite to win the CL, they lost to Atletico Madrid. Right now, they are the obvious front-runners to win the Premier League. Liverpool’s current odds of lifting the trophy are 1/50.


Finally, we have football’s very own sacred ground. Some of the most important and most popular matches at club and international level are played in this stadium. It has a capacity of 90,000 and it’s the dream stadium for many football fans around the world.

Wembley will host the FA Cup Final. The current favourite to win this English cup is Manchester City with odds sitting at 8/11. Chelsea and Manchester United are tied at the second spot with 8/1, while Arsenal is third with 9/1.