Santiago de Chile: Hospital instead of expansion works?

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Santiago de Chile: Hospital instead of expansion works? Chilean football giants Colo-Colo were planning call for bids on their stadium expansion plan in April. Instead, the club has now offered the ground to authorities, while postponing the projected works.


Planned expansion of Estadio Monumental David Arellano was already behind schedule, due to social unrest in Chile. First expected in late 2019, tender for expansion of the stadium was then expected to be held in April. Now that date is also off the table.

Already before the information was published, Colo-Colo president Aníbal Mosa has announced that his club is ready to transfer the stadium for public use by local authorities, should such need arise. Mosa has also offered a hotel his family owns in Puerto Montt.

Executive vice-president Harold Mayne-Nicholls then confirmed that the tender would be put on hold indefinitely. April is unrealistic because upcoming weeks are expected to see COVID-19 infections peak in Chile and any stabilisation shouldn't be anticipated sooner than May or June. As stated by Mayne-Nicholls, the tender would not be on the agenda until the club and country are stable financially again.

According to Colo-Colo's plan, Estadio Monumental is expected to grow from 47,000 to 60,000, becoming by far the largest stadium across Chile. The project is anticipated to cost $50 million, which even in times of stability was beyond Colo-Colo's own possibilities, requiring a private partner.

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