COVID-19 crisis: Switzerland and Italy also with empty stadia

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COVID-19 crisis: Switzerland and Italy also with empty stadia The Swiss top flight was put on hold last week, today all matches in Italy and first ones Poland were announced to be closed to the public. These European countries join major Asian leagues already put on hold.


Earlier today the decision was made that all sports events in Italy would be held without spectators for at least a month, until April 3. This measure follows over 100 deaths from COVID-19 across the country. Last week's Europa League game between Inter and Ludogorets at San Siro is believed to be the first in modern Europe played without fans for public health reasons.

San Siro

Just a couple hours later the voivode (regional rep for the central government) of Lublin, Poland, announced this weekend's biggest fixtures in his region as ghost games. Hit matches between Górnik Łęczna and Widzew, as well as Motor Lublin vs. Chełmianka, were to be sealed off as a public health measure.

The fundamental difference between Italy and Poland is that Poland only saw its first infection identified today. It's thus no wonder that the voivode reflected on his decision under public pressure and allowed both games to go as planned.

In Switzerland, however, the issue is considered much more serious. Half of the country's regions have seen cases of infections, which prompted top clubs to postpone their games for now.

Postponement has also been the way to go for major Asian leagues. The Chinese Super League has been put on hold indefinitely, which was also the measure taken by K-League clubs in South Korea. In Japan the league will remain on hold at least until March 15. Meanwhile in Vietnam all sports events were prohibited until the situation is under control.