Los Angeles: SoFi Stadium progress at over 85%

source: StadiumDB.com; author: michał

Los Angeles: SoFi Stadium progress at over 85% With regular NFL season now over, so is the tenancy of L.A. Rams at the Memorial Coliseum. From the 2020 season the team will welcome fans to the world's most expensive stadium ever. The project has now exceeded 85% advancement, according to Rams.


While 12 NFL teams are preparing for their playoff games, for L.A. Rams the season is already over. So is their temporary stay at the upgraded L.A. Memorial Coliseum. From 2020 onwards the team will share a stadium with the Chargers. Not just any stadium but the world's most expensive one in history.

SoFi Stadium, the Inglewood project financed by billionnaire Stan Kroenke, is reported to be progressing as scheduled. Marking the end of season, chief operating officer Kevin Demoff went on to reassure fans they will meet this summer at the brand new stadium.

SoFi Stadium© Los Angeles Rams / Earth Cam

“SoFi Stadium will be a destination that will welcome Rams fans from around the world and is more than 85% complete, with the roof panel and seat installations underway.” Demoff wrote in a letter to supporters.

Recent drone footage showed that not only the translucent dome is being worked on but also the stadium's future giant screen. While panoramic giant screens aren't a novelty any more, this one (called the Oculus for marketing reasons) will be unique in that it will display images on both sides, inside and out, totalling 70,000 square feet (6,500 m2).

With over 70,000 seats in regular layout (up to 100,000+ for special events), SoFi Stadium is currently the most expensive stadium project ever to be carried out. The stadium itself costs some $3.4 billion out of a $5 billion mixed use development including direct vicinity at Hollywood Park.