Allegiant Stadium signs second casino partnership

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Allegiant Stadium signs second casino partnership While it should have been clear from the start that a Las Vegas stadium would include gambling in one way or another, it's still not certain what exactly is planned. But with the second casino signing 'founding partnership' contract, something's surely cooking!


Allegiant Stadium was bound to give a Vegas vibe to the matchday experience, be it for Raiders supporters or those of UNLV football team. But despite two major partnerships with casinos being announced already, little is known of how much different the experience would be.

First, just over a year ago, Raiders announced they're teaming up with Vegas-based gambling giants Caesars Entertainment for a 15-year founding partnership. In fact, Ceasars was the first crucial commercial partner for the $1.6-billion venue.

“The Raiders are proud to welcome Caesars Entertainment as a founding partner of Las Vegas Stadium. We are honored to align with a company that shares the Raiders’ values of improving the local community and delivering exceptional customer service in creating this transformative project.” said Marc Badain, President of the Raiders, at that time. What he didn't disclose is in what way exactly the project would be transformative.

Allegiant Stadium

What was revealed covered the rather traditional sponsorship priviliges. These include customized Caesars-branded Owners Suite at the 50-yard line of the Las Vegas stadium, VIP Dinners on the field, training facility events, fantasy camp participation, stadium tours, along with tickets to home games and most stadium events. On top of that there's even more conventional digital signage, branded drop-off zone and entrance.

Especially with this partnership being only the second between an NFL team and a casino, it's only natural that one would expect something more, like the introduction of casino-level entertainment into the matchday, even on a limited scale. Let's say, for example, that only premium guests get free spins or some other benefit. After all, we're talking of 520,000 people per season during just the NFL season, opportunities for a casino partner seem huge.

In recent weeks Allegiant Stadium announced another casino founding partner, making Raiders the single team to have two casino partnerships. The second one is San Manuel Casino. Ironically, despite location in Vegas, Raiders have thus secured partnership with a California casino operator. Then again, Raiders are relocating from California to Las Vegas so it makes some sense...

But once more, so far no details were revealed of what the partnership would entail. It's entirely possible that fans of Raiders will have to wait until the stadium's opening in 2020 to learn whether their experience would in fact be changed by any gambling-associated activity. Of course, one shouldn't expect any on-site casino to be created, but with mobile apps already having a great impact on how people consume stadium visits it's likely the partnerships would bring some change.

Allegiant Stadium is being built just 500 meters away from the famous Mandalay Bay casino and hotel, putting it within walking distance from the strip. The stadium will hold 65,000 people during football games but sliding field will allow for even greater crowds to come during concerts.