The Netherlands: NAC Breda honours Polish liberators

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The Netherlands: NAC Breda honours Polish liberators For one night only the name of Rat Verlegh Stadion has been changed to Stanislaw Maczek Stadion, offering a tribute to general Maczek's 1st Armoured Division, which freed the city from Nazis 75 years ago.


October 29 is the date of NAC Breda's cup game against FC Emmen. But it's also a very special anniversary for the city that 75 years ago was liberated from Nazi control by the 1st Armoured Division of Polish Army.

That's why NAC Breda decided to use this opportunity and pay tribute to the liberators. For tonight the name of the stadium is being changed from Rat Verlegh Stadion to Stanislaw Maczek Stadion, honouring the general in charge of the liberation. Here's what the club wrote in its statement ahead of tonight's game:

“On October 29, 1944, the city of Breda was officially liberated by Polish troops, led by General Stanislaw Maczek. Thanks to his approach, in which not only artillery but also infantry was used, many characteristic elements of the city of Breda have been preserved. Many soldiers from this division who died during and after the war were buried in the Polish military plot in Breda, located on the Ettensebaan. Moreover, Breda has many Polish influences and there are still many relatives of Polish soldiers living in Breda.”

“Around the NAC – FC Emmen match we therefore want to reflect on the liberation of Breda and express our gratitude to those who gave their lives and risked liberating our city. The Breda Locos have been busy for weeks with a great tribute to the Polish liberators, which will roll off the stands before the match. In addition, the symbolic kick-off of this duel is carried out by the relatives of two Polish soldiers who liberated Breda. Also, the name of the NAC stadium is symbolically renamed Stanislaw Maczek Stadium especially for this day.”

Stanisław Maczek Stadion