Everton ready with a plan to build a new futuristic £500 million stadium

source: StadiumDB.com; author: michał

Everton ready with a plan to build a new futuristic £500 million stadium English football club Everton recently unveiled the proposed designs of a brand-new £ 500 million futuristic stadium that will be constructed on a semi-derelict dockland situated north of Liverpool. The management of the club claims that the stadium built with glass, steel and bricks will provide a £ 1 billion boost to the Liverpool’s economy.


They showed dramatic images of the expected development in a recently conducted fan event. The place where this event was conducted, the Titanic hotel is itself a former warehouse situated very close to the Bramley-Moore dock site, the place of Everton’s new home will be built. While football betting enthusiasts are punting on the expected completion date of the project, the developers are in the process of submitting a planning application before the end of 2019, after consulting the public. If they obtain the approval in 2020, it will take them another 3 years to complete the stadium’s construction. Hence, they are targeting 2023-24 move for the Everton team from the Goodison Park.

More details on the features of the proposed stadium

The Goodison Park stadium will be brought down after the new Everton Stadium is up and running. However, with the thought of retaining the Goodison’s history, Everton is also considering using the old site as a public space for various community initiatives that the club is already involved in.

Among the most appealing features of the new stadium, apart from being constructed on the waterfront, will be 13,000 seat capacity steep ‘South Stand’, behind one of the goals. They are modelling the structure on the Yellow Wall of Borussia Dortmund, and it can already be imagined with thousands of spectators throwing up a blue wave!

There will be a rail seats in all parts of the ground, including the South stand, which will be easily convertible into safe standing areas in the event there are legislation changes in the future.

The stadium will also have a tunnel club quite like the one at Manchester City, apart from loge seating incorporated in the upper-end hospitality packages. The best seats of the stadium will be padded armchairs with their own dedicated television monitors!

While each one of the four stands will be equally tall, they will be different from each other still, and will be pitched in a manner so that the supporters feel as close to the action as allowed by the regulations.

Bramley-Moore Dock Stadium

Dan Mies, the architect of the project has been instructed to capture the intimacy and intensity of the Goodison Park by not keeping a lot of distance between the pitch and the stands. The Everton management is confident that the current design will offer the best spectator experience compared to any other EPL stadium.

Some of the Goodison Park’s famous Archibad Leitch lattice-work will also be incorporated in the new stadium’s brick base, designed in a manner that it will fit in well with the maritime surroundings. However, the roof level concept is more futuristic in nature, with plenty of steel and glass usage to give it a very modern feel, making it ideal for both football matches as well as entertainment events.