Germany: Stadium am Zoo project ready to be approved

source:; author: Agnieszka

Germany: Stadium am Zoo project ready to be approved In German city of Wuppertal architectural design studio Küpper Bros submitted the project of the stadium renovation. In September the city council will decide about the start of reconstruction.


The project of renovation of an old stadium in Wuppertal was first presented in 2017. The plan was to completely rebuilt west main stand and construct a building with over 12,000 square meters of office space. The main goal of the renovation was to improve the stadium infrastructure.

The works were however delayed, because of, among other things, changes in the initial project. New concept include building large parking lot with around 630 parking spaces. In order to do that the city would have to sell the land on which the parking would be built. The decision about selling the ground was to be put on vote in July, however the city municipals decided to conduct further consultations in this matter and postponed the voting till September.   

Building of said parking lot could be profitable not only for the stadium, which could make profit from it, but also for the citizens, who suffer from not sufficient number of parking spaces in the area. The city meer, Johannes Slawig, said however, that before giving anyone a permission to built, first they would have to submit the full project including traffic and parking space concept.Stadion am Zoo in Wuppertal©

The project of stadium renovation that involves building the parking lot still includes complete stadium reconstruction. There will be new roof built over the stands as well as the infrastructure including hotel, office space, restaurants and skyboxes. 

If the city municipals approve of the project in September, the next step would be to find a contractor. This matter also causes some formal difficulties concerning the combination of the sale of the parking ground with stadium renovation.