England: Luton spends £1m on stadium facilities

source: lutontoday.co.uk; author: Agnieszka

England: Luton spends £1m on stadium facilities As LutonToday informs, Luton Town stadium underwent renovations before club’s first in over a decade season in The Championship. The club’s owners spent over £1m on new facilities.


After Luton Town very successful season resulting in club’s promotion to EFL Championship, the owners decided to renovate Kenilworth Road in order to ensure that the stadium complies with the requirements of the second tier of English football. As Gary Sweet, club’s chief executive admitted, they spent over £1m on the project.

The club invested in installation of goal-line technology, which is required from every EFL Championship ground. Another changes made on the stadium included, among other things, building a brand new press area.Kenilworth Road in Luton©Patrick Hendriksen

Following the first season game with Middlesbrough on Kenilworth Road, Gary Sweet commented on the stadium’s renovation: 

“As a newcomer entering this new world as a rising star after winning our league below, we have needed to spend over £1m on stadium facilities – to include goal-line technology, new television camera positions, new press areas, new dugouts, not including the numerous commercial and safety enhancements we’ve made – all in order to be compliant to provide armchair viewers a comfortable platform to watch tonight’s game.”

In spite of Kenilworth Road renovation, Luton Town’s long-term plan still includes building a new ground. Power Court Stadium with capacity of 17,500 is set to be built in central Luton, 1 mile from the club’s current stadium.