Belgium: Tan getting cold feet in Kortrijk?

source:; author: Michał

Belgium: Tan getting cold feet in Kortrijk? Vincent Tan might not end up being the preferred private partner on KV Kortrijk’s proposed new stadium. But even if he shows no interest, the city intends to build the stadium with a different partner.


The Malaysian-Chinese businessman is famous for his football empire, already consisting of four teams in Europe and USA. But in one of these cases it seems Tan isn’t as bold as he might seem at first glance. 

The entrepreneur has already asked twice to postpone decision on his involvement in a public-private stadium project for KV Kortrijk. The proposed 15,000-seater within the Evolis business area will go ahead only with a private partner. Tan is obviously the most anticipated one, since he owns the football club. But now the municipality is saying they cannot wait forever.

“He received a document with, among other things, all prices and conditions. These are really interesting conditions. Because you can combine a new stadium with commercial uses. In other words: you can make a profit out of it as an investor. We want clarity now. because the project is in danger of being delayed. New stadium in Kortrijk

“As the owner of KVK, Vincent Tan is given the first choice to invest in the project. But if he doesn't want, there are other options. For example, there are many Belgian companies that are interested in handling the file.” says municipal officer for sports Arne Vandendriessche.

As you may recall from our previous coverage, the project offers a very attractive location just off the highway to Ghent. It would become a major leisure destination with the stadium, possibly hotel, trampoline park and other uses, all with great pedestrian and bicycle access. The only thing not welcome within it is significant retail use.

As things stand, decision from Vincent Tan is expected to come around September.