Albania: Naming rights partners invited

source:; author: Michał

Albania: Naming rights partners invited Opening of the new national arena is on the horizon now, so the search for naming rights partner is intensified. Mid-August is the deadline for prospective partners to submit their bids.


FSHF, the Albanian football federation, has given potential naming rights partners time only until August 15 to express their interest in partnership. Because we're talking of the new national stadium, first and largest entirely modern venue in Albania for many years, there may be significant interest. Especially that its Italian architecture is instantly recognisable.

There's surely interest in the procedure. We've found numerous comments questioning the timing of the announcement. FSHF invited potential partners in late July and gave time until mid-August, which may be considered not long, especially in the middle of the summer holidays. If you read between the lines, there's a suggestion that it may be rigged.Arena Kombëtare  in Tirana©FSHF

But that theory doesn't add up: the announcement is an open invitation, not a tender procedure. It also only gives very basic requirements. Any naming rights partner has to confirm turnover of €10 million or more annually, have a good reputation and be willing to commit to no less than 5 years, paying no less than €600,000 per annum. That's simply a starting point for negotiations.

With or without a sponsor, we should soon see Arena Kombëtare in full grace. The FSHF suggested the field and all seats should be in place by August 15, while the stadium in its entirety should be operational by September.