London: QPR officially ask for new stadium

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London: QPR officially ask for new stadium As part of the ongoing consultation process Queens Park Ranges have now officially published their response. The club is asking for a 30,000-capacity accessible and sustainable stadium.


There should be no need in explaining why Loftus Road no longer meets demand nor commercial potential of QPR but the club felt compelled to outline why the constrained stadium isn't enough. Rangers did so in their official response to the public consultation process launched in March by the Hammersmith and Fulham Council.

“It sits on a tiny 4.5 acre site, hemmed in by housing on all sides, with the third smallest capacity in the division. It is not designed for non-matchday use, meaning the club loses out on millions of pounds of potential revenue every year.

“Largely constructed in the 1970s, the facilities are severely outdated, making the matchday experience uncomfortable and restricting QPR’s ability to attract new supporters. Access for disabled and elderly supporters is a particular challenge.”

Loftus Road© Markus Unger

For these reasons, as expressed earlier on, QPR ask to be included as anchor tenant for a brand new stadium, to be built on the Linford Christie Stadium site. The new Community Stadium should ideally hold 30,000 people and enable inclusion of safe standing when legislation allows it.

With focus on exceeding current accessibility regulations and acoustically-insulated, the ground should be compact yet versatile, including extensive non-matchday use. It should also include space for club museum and charities, as well as in line with best sustainability standards.

Clearly indicated in the official letter is that all of the above is a wishlist put forward by the club for official public review. It's not exactly in line with feasibility report by Populous, which was commissioned by the council.

Consultation process will remain open to individuals and entities in the vicinity of planned development until June 12.