Kentucky: Butchertown Stadium to be managed by AEG [video]

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Kentucky: Butchertown Stadium to be managed by AEG [video] Louisville City have announced that Anschutz Entertainment Group will manage the new stadium in Butchertown. The brand new stadium for as many as 14,000 people should be ready next year.


Lou City revealed on Tuesday that their football/soccer stadium in Butchertown will be managed by AEG Facilities, global leader in the live event market. The decision comes a year before scheduled opening of the venue.

AEG will also provide Louisville City with “event content development, purchasing, vendor services, marketing and event-day operations for the arena” when the stadium opens in spring 2020, according to a press release.

Louisville City stadium in Butchertown

Louisville City's stadium has been under construction since mid-2018. The football club selected a joint venture of Messer and Harmon construction firms to deliver the project worth an estimated $65 million, already some 15 million more than announced initially.

Interestingly, the new stadium continues to grow in terms of capacity. First it was presented as a 10,000-seater. In 2018 the capacity grew to 11,300 and now permanent capacity stands at 11,700. Even more, total matchday capacity, including temporary accommodation, will reach 14,000.

Finally, the club has released a high-quality video overview of the stadium, which we are pleased to show you: