Stadium of the Year: Thank you for 35,330 votes!

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Stadium of the Year: Thank you for 35,330 votes! Slightly more votes than we were expecting but the dynamics... completely unpredictable! Thank you for 29 days of support for candidates in this edition of Stadium of the Year.


It was a fascinating month, even if final results might not give the full story. But you should know that the winning stadium wasn't on top for over 27 out of 29 days! Overall there was more than half a dozen of stadia taking first place for a period of time, which is much more than usually and proves that there was no single favourite.

Lack thereof meant that the long list of World Cup stadiums could only be threatened by strong support for a non-Russian candidate. Dida that happen? We can say that the countries from which most votes were identified are Russia, Iran, Hungary, Belarus and Austria. More detailed demographics will be presented in upcoming days.

And which stadium will own the Public Award for Stadium of the Year 2018? The result will be announced on March 7, along with the Jury Award. Detailed schedule for the announcement will be presented soon.

Stadium of the Year