Stadium of the Year: Popular Vote – 2nd | Samara Arena

source:; author: michał

Stadium of the Year: Popular Vote – 2nd | Samara Arena No other stadium received so many votes overall. But with many of them being just 1-star ratings, it wasn't enough to win the entire competition. Still, an honourable second spot!


Samara Arena is one of two most universally supported stadiums across this year's Popular Vote. In terms of demographics it may have been selected to the top 5 by two thirds of voters from Russia, but also by half of Belarusian voters and a third of Poles. American, Austrians, Italians, Turks – it's hard to find a major voting populous among which this stadium would not be popular.

But even with 16,169 votes in total (47.2% of the entire voting public) it still ends up second for one simple reason. While Samara Arena received more votes of 1 and 4 stars, it didn't come top of the list for enough people and was surpassed by the stadium with more 5-star ratings than all others.

Still, Samara Arena is a venue of which Russia can be proud. And stick around for the Jury Vote announcement, there may be a bit more left for this futuristic venue's enthusiasts...

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