Stadium of the Year: Jury Vote – 3rd | Samara Arena

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Stadium of the Year: Jury Vote – 3rd | Samara Arena It's the only stadium to reach this year's podium in BOTH votes, which itself deserves recognition! After all, great reception by both fans and experts is a rare treat. Samara Arena lost the Jury Award very slightly, you might be shocked!


Before we get into details one thing has to be stressed: this year's Jury Vote was the tightest we've ever had and also one of the most balanced in the awards' 9-year history. Want proof? All three stadiums on the podium were ranked within 2% of one-another! Samara Arena earned just under 90% of possible points, which is one of the highest results in history. And still, only third spot.

The stadium scored a full 100% on innovation, largely for its unique 340-meter and 12,000-ton steel dome! Though opaque, it still ensures airy public concourses and isn't too imposing for visitors inside. Also in terms of functionality the stadium scored high, even higher than any other.

But something was missing in terms of architecture. We all know of the compromises that had to be made during construction, how some materials had to be replaced with others, how the entire concept evolved from a propeller to space ship.

Still, even with only third place the score received by Samara Arena should be a point of pride for everyone who contributed to the project!

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