Stadium of the Year: Jury Vote - 2nd | Suzhou OSC Stadium

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Stadium of the Year: Jury Vote - 2nd | Suzhou OSC Stadium This stadium is a strong 9 out of 10 – said our Jury almost unanimously! With no argument about its beauty or innovation, only some functional solutions may not make it best as a football stadium. Still, just 1.7% behind the first place.


The Jury were allowed to award 40% of the total score for architecture. How much did Suzhou OSC Stadium receive? All of it! And is there any wonder? The subtle seddle shape with white louvers makes the 50+ meter stadium seem almost weightless and is seamlessly integrated into Suzhou's largest leisure complex.

Similarly, 20% for innovation was awarded in full, appreciating the LEED certification, first Chinese single-layer cable roof and challenging engineering of the roof's support structure.

If anything could be lacking in Suzhou, it might be the football watching conditions. We are after all a football-oriented site and the competition is as well. Meanwhile the Suzhou OSC is focused on athletics, thus the flat layout and significant distance from the field, one of few disadvantages overall.

“It's wonderful. Futuristic architecture, well delivered functional solutions and all innovations it could have had. And its relation to surroundings is incredible. My felicitations!” says Alfredo Angulo Quevedo, Stadium of the Year Juror from Paraguay.

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