London: Wimbledon ask fans for a little more patience

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London: Wimbledon ask fans for a little more patience In upcoming week AFC Wimbledon expect the council to approve changes to the initial planning permission. Once final specification is complete, construction deal will be signed and work will finally begin.


In the upcoming week Merton Council is to vote on request to amend initial planning permission issued for the Wimbledon stadium at Plough Lane. While the club feel their notion should pass, there's a lot of work on other fronts.

At present final design specification is being worked on by KSS Group, partners selected by Buckingham Group. The latter company is to become the contractor carrying out Plough Lane, however no contract has been signed so far. Still, AFC Wimbledon hope to seal the deal in time to enable 2020/21 opening, leaving roughly a year for construction.

In the club's most recent statement we read: “The stadium’s final specification will include options that supporters will be consulted on. We will be able to consult on these options even while initial preparatory and building works are underway as we will have ‘decision deadlines’ highlighted in the construction timeline. Later on we will have a further consultation about fitting out the stadium.

“We know that supporters are keen to be ‘walked through’ the latest stadium plans so that they can visualise what it will look like. Given that work to finalise the specification is taking slightly longer than anticipated even just a few weeks ago, we would rather wait until we have completed this work before showing the plans. This will help us avoid being inadvertently misleading by presenting anything that subsequently needs further tweaks. We apologise for the delay; we know it is frustrating for you to feel that you are being kept out of the loop.”

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