U20 World Cup: No tickets over €10

source: StadiumDB.com; author: michał

U20 World Cup: No tickets over €10 As distribution is about to commence, the U20 World Cup ticket prices have been revealed. Ranging between €2.3 and €9.3, fees for watching some of the world's biggest football talents suggest we're in for packed stadiums.


FIFA has officially announced the pricing policy for upcoming U20 World Cup in Poland, which will begin in late May and last until June 15. Prices for group games begin at PLN 10 (€2.33) and are capped at 20 (€4.65), while even the final match will cost only double the latter amount, at peak.

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All general admission tickets will become available on February 26, on a 'first come first served' basis. Sent online for home printing, they should be easy to use for all. The bad news is that until March 5 only customers with a VISA card will be able to purchase them, a nonsense criterion pushed by FIFA's commercial partner.

From March 7 until the day of the last game tickets will be possible to acquire by everyone, however. Of course as long as there are any left for particular games. The Polish organising committee and FIFA selected 6 host cities and stadiums, of which Łódź will play the main role, hosting both the opening and final at the new Widzew stadium. You can see the complete list in the right column, next to this article.

Average capacity of the host grounds, following temporary decrease for the purpose of accommodating more journalists, should be around 16,000. If they're at least half-full, the Polish World Cup will outgrow two previous editions of the U20 tournament in terms of attendance (South Korea and New Zealand both enjoyed crowds of under 8,000). However, by far the largest tournament of this stature was held in Colombia in 2011, when regular turnout was over 25,000!