Stadium of the Year: Meet the Juror – Alfredo Angulo

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Stadium of the Year: Meet the Juror – Alfredo Angulo It's only the second time in history that we have a Jury Member from South America. After Brazil it's time from Paraguay, where Alfredo Angulo Quevedo has delivered one of the most thrilling football stadiums of recent years, last edition's winner.


As has been tradition, every year we invite the architect author of previous Stadium of the Year winner to judge latest candidates for Stadium of the Year. It couldn's have been different with one of Latin America's most famous football temples, nicknamed the Cauldron, or La Olla.

Actually, La Nueva Olla, because the historical stadium of Cerro Porteño was redefined by Alfredo Angulo Quevedo. Despite spatial and financial constraints the stadium instantly gained recognition. For the architect it was a rare privilege of designing his beloved team's stadium.

La Nueva Olla was the first such grand stadium delivered by Angulo Quevedo, however his interest in sports architecture began long before. In the previous decade he completed executive documentation for two other stadia, in Encarnación and Caaguazú, so far not built.

After becoming an architect and engineer in early 1990s, Angulo Quevedo's career took a boost in early 2000s, seeing numerous public service, commercial and leisure projects, including sports complexes, hotels and hospitals, among other.

Alfredo Angulo