Stadium of the Year 2018: Coming soon, really soon...

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Stadium of the Year 2018: Coming soon, really soon... It's that time of year again! StadiumDB will soon get more blue than normally as we prepare to host the 9th edition of Stadium of the Year. And we'd be delighted if you joined us and select the next best stadium!


With great pleasure we note that you've been asking us in messages “when, when?!”. Soon, really soon. Already on Wednesday, January 23, we're opening the nomination process. While we're keeping an eye on stadium developments around the world, there's a number of projects we haven't covered in 2018. That's why we always invite you to make the list of candidates more complete. Be it in a facebook comment (under designated post), message on facebook or twitter, or via e-mail. The list will be closed on January 30 and then verified by us fully.


Traditionally, we're aiming for the competition to be democratic, so there are no aesthetic, economic or geographic criteria. The minimum requirements for stadiums to be eligible is:

  • allowing for a full-sized football field to be used
  • accommodating 10,000 people or more
  • opened fully in 2018

To explain, let us use the example of Slovakia. In 2018 the new national stadium at Tehelne pole was completed. However, it hasn't been opened to the public in 2018, so we will only be able to accept such nomination next year. The same goes for the smart MOL Arena in Dunajska Streda. The stadium has been opened already, however construction has only ended now in January and last parts haven't been used yet. So, also, it will be accepted next year.

Even with these few and rather straightforward criteria there have been some problematic cases, so feel free to engage with us if you have any doubts or questions about individual stadiums.

Voting schedule

The Popular Vote will begin, traditionally, on a Weekend. The voting platform will be active on February 3 and will remain open until and including March 3 (until midnight, CET). Every internet user globally can cast one valid vote and we monitor progress 24/7 removing any attempts at multiple voting from the pool.

Alongside, the Jury Vote will take place, seeing several renowned stadium specialists share their votes on the nominees. We're inviting some of the best architects to join us right now. The Jury Vote will have two rounds, first to select a shortlist of 10 finalists, second to choose the best one between them.

Each of the two votes results in a separate Stadium of the Year award. Both winners will be announced no later than March 10, possibly sooner. We're vague about the date because in the past we've seen some absolute last minute changes in the Jury Vote.

That's it for now, we're in for absolutely exciting weeks with blushes and very little sleep. We hope that, as every year, you'll be with us to review the most significant stadia opened in 2018. There have been some fascinating stadia opened last year, so it's a good idea to check back soon!

Stadium of the Year is our grassroots project, organised within StadiumDB community for the 9th time. We're extremely proud of it after it managed to grow and become the largest vote of its kind.

Stadium of the Year 2018 announcement