Betting services in UK stadiums

source: press release; author: michał

Betting services in UK stadiums Fans are looking for more ways to bet, as we've seen from the explosion of online betting. As is the case with in-stadium betting, football is a popular sport to bet online...


The last seven years have seen BD Stadia make significant strides in terms of its domination of the UK in-stadium betting industry. By providing both staff and stores in key stadium betting stores, they’ve paved the way for major bookmakers to enter the profitable market of game day betting. The fact that the betting and collection service is conducted online means that the process is a streamlined one.

Fans are looking for more ways to bet, as we've seen from the explosion of online betting. As is the case with in-stadium betting, football is a popular sport to bet online, which has led to sites such as The site reviews numerous football betting sites on the market and even provides tips on how to choose the right betting platform. In-stadium betting, just like online betting, can provide that little something extra that fans often look for to add excitement to the match.

Wembley National StadiumPhoto: Lee Thomas

An attractive proposition

BD Stadia is in charge of all the marketing and logistics of game-day betting for the brands. This makes it an appealing option for such companies as William Hill who teamed up with BD Stadia in 2017. They can access their customers directly without having to deal personally with training and management of further stadium staff and stores.

The revenue stream is both cost-effective and light on resources, which goes some way towards explaining the success that BD Stadia has enjoyed in the last few years. The partnership was also an indicator of the progress that William Hill had made from its financial concerns. The company was around £1 billion in debt in 2008, but by 2017 had overseen successful expansions to Australia, the U.S., and Canada.

A focus on football

While football stadiums are something of an obvious focus for the partnership, there’s another interesting aspect in play- the fact BD Stadia had existing relationships with multiple big companies in online gaming. The two partners agreed to focus on the English Football League, which is already a massively profitable industry.

However, there are a number of avenues which could yet to be explored. Esports continues to gain momentum, for example, and is already filling stadiums all over the globe. While most industry events are focused on Asia, there has been a growing interest in gaming championships in both the U.S. and Europe. These developments haven’t been lost on William Hill. Last year saw the company become the very bookmaker to accept legal bets on eSports in the U.S.

More to come

BD Stadia has already established themselves in the market so it could well be that there’s more to the partnership with William Hill than what we know of.

Should things go well, there’s a good chance that the joint venture will not only continue, but take centre stage of major eSports events to take place in the UK. Most eSports events are on the smaller side at present, but this is already changing, and both William Hill and BD Stadia could well welcome the move to large-scale stadium events.