Poland: Tender launched for new Płock stadium

source: StadiumDB.com; author: michał

Poland: Tender launched for new Płock stadium Design+build competition is now open for new 15,004-seat stadium in Płock. Contenders have until November 6 to submit their bids and the winner will be given 3 years to deliver complete design and stadium.


The concept has been revealed in 2016, then updated in 2017. While there were hopes in the Ekstraklasa club Wisła Płock that design+build tender would be launched in early 2018 and groundbreaking could take place... well, roughly now, that proved to be wishful thinking.

But finally this week the long-awaited tender was launched. Now companies and consortia have until November 6 to deliver their proposals for Płock's new stadium.

According to the city's guidelines minimum capacity has to be 15,004 seats (including no fewer than 450 VIP/corporate seats and 25 places for disabled fans), while dimensions should not exceed 156x134 meters. Maximum height of the stadium is put at 26 meters.

While the 36-month delivery period may seem generous, the winning bidder won't have much time to waste. The challenge includes demolition of the current Stadion Kazimierza Górskiego and delivery of the new venue in phases, in order to allow constant use for football throughout the works. Not even mentioning documentation itself.

Should the tender deliver a satisfying result, the new stadium should be fully ready in 2022, though parts of it can be opened earlier. The project is expected to cost over PLN 100 million (€23.3m).

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