Volgograd: Flooding damages stadium perimeter

source: StadiumDB.com; author: michał

Volgograd: Flooding damages stadium perimeter Heavy rainfall washed away part of the public concourse around Volgograd Arena. The damage is significant, but is also assured to be repaired without burdening taxpayers.


As Russia was getting ready for the World Cup final on Sunday, a wave of heavy showers was pushing its way through parts of the country. While Moscow only suffered after the game, by that time in Volgograd damages across the city were massive.

Flooded buildings, sewers unable to cope and, most importantly, huge landslides along the Chuykov street as rain water was storming towards the Volga river. One of the landslides happened in the east side of Volgograd Arena's perimeter, washing away a portion of the pavement and piping.

Damages were significant, but perhaps the biggest loss is that in negative publicity as photos of the area ciruclate around the web. It didn't even help that well over a dozen trucks arrived to start clearing the site almost immediately.

While the damage is significant, there is no information suggesting that the stadium itself has been damaged. General contractor Stroytransgaz has pledged to carry out repair works as soon as possible, not impeding any activity at the stadium.

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