Liverpool: The Reds file applications to expand Anfield use

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Liverpool: The Reds file applications to expand Anfield use Possibly half a million visitors more. That's how much the use of Anfield might increase annually, if the city council agrees to Liverpool FC's proposal of expanding non-football use.


Liverpool FC have filed two planning applications to the city council, both focused on increasing the versatility of Anfield. Minor structural and organisational changes would be made to the stadium's direct perimeter.

But the biggest change is more use of the stadium when football isn't played, primarily in late May and throughout June. This is when LFC would like to organise most of the planned 10 full-stadium events every year.


Anfield isn't barred from holding non-football events, however the permanent permission only covers football and other forms of entertainment require special approval. If the new scheme is adopted, LFC would be able to organise up to 10 concerts, boxing galas, Gaelic football or other gatherings every year, with capacity between 47,000 and 60,000.

Three locations of the stage for entertainment nights are envisioned; in front of the Anfield Road Stand (north), Kenny Dalglish Stand (east) and centrally. The latter layout would enable full use of the auditorium, which along with the field would offer the mentioned capacity of 60,000.

It's not hard to count that the 500,000+ additional visitors to Anfield would boost club finances by no less than several million pounds. Should the city council agree, first large events would come in May, 2019.

Interestingly, one of the two notions filed by the Reds is a amendment to the planning application for stadium expansion. This means that Liverpool again would have three years to begin work on Anfield Road Stand reconstruction, if the updated application is successful