Japan: Football venues of Tokyo 2020 confirmed

source: StadiumDB.com; author: michał

Japan: Football venues of Tokyo 2020 confirmed Seven stadiums altogether, five of them the same as during the 2002 World Cup. Japan will only see one purpose-built stadium used during the Olympics, of course the new national one.


From July 24 to August 9 a total of 28 teams (16 male and 12 female) will compete for Olympic medals in football, along with athletes in other disciplines. As confirmed by the IOC and FIFA last week, there are 7 host stadiums selected to host both men's and women's tournaments.

Of these venues only one is purpose-build for the Olympics and it's of course the National Stadium, which will host the men's final, along with main ceremonies.

The remaining six have all been built between late 1990s and early 2000s. Five stadiums hosted the 2002 World Cup (Yokohama, Saitama, Kashima, Rifu/Sendai and Sapporo) and only one is yet to hold a major global tournament, the Ajinomoto Stadium in Chifu/Tokyo.

Geographically only the main stadium is strictly in Tokyo proper, though Ajinomoto, Saitama and Yokohama are all within Tokyo Greater. Kashima's Ibaraki stadium is just outside Tokyo, while the two most distant stadiums are 365 km (Rifu/Sendai) and 1,150 km (Sapporo) away.

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