Berlin: Thousands of toads descend on Union stadium

source:; author: michał

Berlin: Thousands of toads descend on Union stadium Spring migration has begun and it's more intense than before. Over 1,000 toads were already collected by workers of the city hall and Union Berlin, while trying to cross the club's complex.


The Old Forestry stadium in Berlin is very picturesque, with forest in the north-west and the Wuhle stream in the south-east. While very charming overall, this year its surroundings proved problematic.

Sudden change between winter and spring caused the common toad migration to take high scale and pace. Thousands of amphibians had spent the winter hidden deep in the forest and are now on their way to mating areas near the Wuhle. The club's parking spaces, stadium and training fields are the largest barrier for the animals to cross.

Alten Forsterei

Only in recent days the district workers in company with Union Berlin have collected over 1,000 toads and transported them safely to their destination. A provisional fence of 400 meters was created to redirect the animals and protect them from death by cars or other means.

Thankfully Union will not be playing any home game this weekend, the next fixture will only take place on April 21. In the long term the Treptow-Köpenick distric office is hoping to create a small pond which would provide spawning area for many amphibians and shorten their migration.