Stadium of the Year 2017: Public Vote 2nd Place – La Bombonera de Toluca!

source:; author: michał

Stadium of the Year 2017: Public Vote 2nd Place – La Bombonera de Toluca! Mexico already has one Stadium of the Year and it's clear that football fans in this country haven't had enough. However, less than 30% of votes for this stadium came from Mexico!


Just 4 days after we launched the Public Vote Estadio Nemesio Diez began gathering great support. News of its nomination had spread virally, even if with the help of the stadium's official profile and local media, which noticed our competition. For which we kindly thank them!

Since that moment, early into the vote, it had always been around the top of the list, supported not only by Mexicans, quite the opposite. Our system may not be perfect (we estimate its accuracy at 80%), but it clearly shows that votes for Estadio Nemesio Diez came from 83 countries.

In total, 20,532 votes were cast in favour of this stadium, of which just over 6,000 were from Mexico itself. As you can see by the division of points on our graphic, it was popular as both the second, third, fourth and fifth choice, almost equally. Which shows the stadium's appeal, one of us also included it in the top five!

For obvious reasons, the stadium received most non-Mexican votes from countries of Latin America, as it's considered one of the football temples in the Americas, famous for its atmosphere and, since reconstruction, also for impressive and intimidating layout. And you know what? Great! Congratulations to Toluca FC and their fans, your stadium is worth it!

Estadio Nemesio Diez