Poland: Widzew breaks one more season ticket record

source: Widzew.com / StadiumDB.com; author: michał

Poland: Widzew breaks one more season ticket record Despite playing in the 4th division they're relentless! They continue to buy more season tickets than any other team in Poland and any other on the 4th level in Europe. Now almost at 16,000!


Stadium of the Year 2017For a while it was a phenomenon od national scale. Widzew Łódź i a club under reconstruction, following collapse a few years back. This time last year they moved to their cosy new stadium and immediately made headlines, having sold over 15,000 season tickets.

Amazing for any club in Poland, because the previous record set by the mighty Lech Poznań stood at 15,056 season tickets. Widzew broke it while playing in the 4th league! In early 2017 it was 15,310 in Łódź, then in the summer they managed to reach 15,903.

Not only the biggest season-ticket sales in Poland, it's actually the most impressive result for any 4th-league club since Rangers managed to climb up. Well, today they went a step further, selling a full-year season ticket no. 15,904. Even while we're writing this, new season tickets are getting sold – 15,930 at the time of release.

Stadion Widzewa© Widzew Łódź / Flight Level

Stadion Widzewa© Mariusz Radowicz, Widzew Łódź

Stadion Widzewa© Daniel Sobuń, Widzew Łódź