England: Sunderland offer stadium as homeless shelter

source: SAFC.com; author: michał

England: Sunderland offer stadium as homeless shelter Case of community engagement done right: Sunderland AFC invited homeless people from their area to stay for the night in times of biggest freeze. Warm meals, beds and clothes were prepared for the past weekend.


There are different ways of dealing with harsh end of winter across Europe. In Northern England, which was hit hard by the cold weather, a positive case comes from Sunderland AFC, who had opened Stadium of Light to all people in need.

Not to all literally due to logistics, but a special 'warm room' was set up on Friday in the south-western corner of the stadium. In it: 12 beds, constant supply of warm meals and drinks and a steward to assist those coming in. This included pets as well.

At the same time SAFC encouraged residents of the area to bring in warm clothes for those most affected by the freeze. The room was kept open throughout the weekend, until 9:00 today. However, should ow temperatures return following today's thaw, the club is willing to activate it again.

Stadium of LightPhoto: Sunderland AFC