Stadium of the Year 2017: Jury Award finalist announcement on Monday

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Stadium of the Year 2017: Jury Award finalist announcement on Monday Be sure to check on Monday, when we'll officially give you the names of all 10 stadiums qualified for the final of the Jury Award vote. Of course in the meantime you can still take part in the Public Award vote and select your own winner!


Every day brings us closer to the final of the 8th edition of Stadium of the Year. Which stadium was the best one to open its doors within the last 12 months? You can still select your own favourite by taking part in the Public Award vote. Just select the top 5 stadiums from all 27 candidates and click 'vote' before midnight on March 4 [CET].

If you've voted already, be sure to share the voting platform's link with your friends to improve your favourite's chances. So far there are already 44,000 valid votes counted, from over 100 countries, including one single voter in the Faroe Islands, who we'd like to give a shoutout to!

But while the Public Award leaves all 27 candidate-stadiums in the vote until the very end, our Jury has already created a shortlist of 10 finalists. This means 17 stadiums are already out of the vote and only the very best are being analysed in the final round. We will officially announce the 10 finalists on Monday, February 26. Be with us around noon [CET] and if you worry about forgetting it, be sure to subscribe to our Newsletter (in the blue box above) and we'll deliver the message straight to your mailbox.

We already know the 10 finalists, now the Jury is voting on them to select the single winner. This decision should be announced on March 7, unless extra time is needed to conclude their selection (for example, if two stadia get the same number of points).

As you can read on our Jury Vote page, the Jurors are five recognised specialists in sports architecture. All of them have worked on major modern stadium projects and, for the first time in 8 years, we finally have a female Juror, Maria Sipińska-Małaszyńska, PhD. The remaining Jurors are Nick Birmingham (Arup Associates, London/Doha), Riccardo Cestari (London/Vicenza), Bünyamin Derman (DBArchitects, Istanbul) and the world-faous Sergey Tchoban (SPeeCH, Moscow/Berlin).

Stadium of the Year 2017

You'll find profiles of all members in the Jury Vote section, while we aim to present them better in upcoming weeks. We invited all of the Jury members for interviews, which will be published gradually in the near future. If you're into stadium design – can't miss them!