London: Spurs prepared for big lift

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London: Spurs prepared for big lift Possibly the most exciting operation of Tottenham's stadium build is finally upon us. All rings of the roof are now complete, cables attached and now we're waiting for strand jacks to begin lifting the cable system into place.


Just a week ago Tottenham Hotspur showed their supporters how the very last segment of the stadium's compression ring was mounted into place. Once the operation was done, the steel 'crown' surrounding the seating bowl became complete.

Now the last steel cables are being attached to the compression ring. Altogether, 45 radial cables will connect the compression ring with two tension rings on the inner perimeter of the roof. Currently both these tension rings rest on the future field and lower stands.

New Tottenham Stadium© Tottenham Hotspur FC

Altogether, some 10 km of steel cables will be used, at present waiting for the big lift to begin. Inch by inch, all 45 cables will be lifted into place by strand jacks. Once the operation is complete, the inner side of the roof will become the highest point of the new stadium.

Just like in a recent operation of this kind in Volgograd, in London the two tension rings inside are connected by Г-shaped consoles. However, differently from the Volgograd example, at Tottenham's stadium the consoles (referred to as flying columns by Tottenham) are of different size in order to extend the roof inwards, to cover all front row seats from rain.

New Tottenham Stadium© Tottenham Hotspur FC

Once in place, all 54 consoles will give support to the floodlighting system. 324 LED projectors will be installed, 6 on each column.

It's not clear how long the big lift operation could last. Initially expected to take roughly 3 weeks, the lift is dependent on weather conditions. When finalised, the cable roof will be able to support itself. This is when actual cover will arrive on the cables.

The roof will be made up of 287 glass roof sections and 810 roof cassettes consisting of metal and acoustic panels facing the bowl, and a membrane facing the sky.