Liverpool: Final days for Everton supporters' submissions

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Liverpool: Final days for Everton supporters' submissions Registered fans of Everton FC have until this Friday to file their suggestions for the new Bramley-Moore Dock stadium. Focused around 11 key principles, their comments could potentially be incorporated in the final design.


It's 51 questions focused around 11 key areas of the stadium's design. The official Everton survey for supporters is only open until this Friday, 5 pm. After that deadline all harvested data will be processed and a number of EFC supporters will be invited for a workshop with architect Dan Meis.

Make no mistake, no fundamental changes should arise from the fans' comments, because work on the stadium design is well underway. However, there's still room for alterations, as long as they're viable.

Already before reaching out so supporters Everton had a clear idea of what should be created and most fans are likely happy about that strategy. In short, Dan Meis had a really strict brief of creating an intimidating football fortress inside and respecting the unique location of Bramley-Moore Dock outside.

Bramley-Moore Dock

Now fans answer if they see additional room for improvement in terms of club and site heritage, atmosphere and identity. “What is your definition of being a fortress? What is your view about how we use technology? What is it about the People’s Club and our value set we want to take into that new stadium? How could that be lived and breathed in a new stadium?

“So it’s not meant to be massively prescriptive but it’s meant to be a thought-provoker to get some feedback.” says Everton chief executive Robert Elstone.

The new stadium in completely unprecedented maritime location is expected to hold up to 55,000 people and will likely cost in the area of £500 million. Everton are now close to finalising a £280-million loan from the city council.