Brussels: “Anderlecht need a stadium of our own”

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Brussels: “Anderlecht need a stadium of our own” They might attract 10,000 or maybe 15,000 people more per game, but only to a stadium they fully own, according to the new owner of RSC Anderlecht. He effectively ruled out a relocation if it would involve playing at someone else's ground.


He won't officially take over at the helm until tomorrow, but billionaire Marc Coucke has already presented himself on TV as the new chairman of RSC Anderlecht. His takeover of 70% of the club's shares is complete and the pharma giant wants the purple-white club to again become a driving force of Belgian football.

Its stadium should be one of the foundations. “Anderlecht has the fanbase to draw extra 10,000 or 15,000 people per game, but I don't know what we should do. Do we expand the stadium or build a new one? I don't know.” Coucke said on the Extra Time show.

Being a minority shareholder at Lille OSC, Coucke sees a real threat to long-term viability of a football club in renting a stadium from a third party.

“I think a club like Anderlecht should have their own stadium, I know from my experience at Lille. If you rent a stadium, additional income is not for you, it's for the owner. And then it becomes hard for a club to survive.”

At the same time Coucke declined to comment, for legal reasons, on how the previous board of Anderlecht planned to use Ghelamco's Eurostadion in Grimbergen, north of Brussels and on the opposite side of the capital from Anderlecht.

As things stand, Anderlecht is not planning on moving to Eurostadion, which now seems effectively dead. At the same time previous studies into possible expansion of the current stadium showed the operation would most likely be unfeasible. The last created draft can be seen below:

Constant Vanden Stock Stadion