Albania: Tirana stadium around 50% ready

source: /; author: michał

Albania: Tirana stadium around 50% ready While the brief statement by Albanian football association has no mention of delays, it's very hard to imagine that deadline (set for September 1) could be met.


In recently-released statement and video update of Arena Kombëtare construction the Albanian Football Federation (FSHF) suggested the project is roughly at the half-way mark.

“FSHF is constantly following the progress and situation at the site, where currently in particular sectors work has gone over 60% of the plan, mainly in the carcass. According to the most recent technical data, it is learned that works on concrete and metal structures are all in the middle.”

Reaching 50% would have been good if not for the fact that 65% of the schedule has already passed. With less than 8 months to go and 15 behind us, it's very unlikely that all work will be carried out by September 1. Even having discounted the fact that most remaining elements will be prefabricated.

By far the most advanced piece of 22,000-seat Arena Kombëtare is the one with little to do with football itself. 19-floor tower in the north-western corner already has its 16th floor in the making. Meanwhile, the actual northern grandstand is not even half-way done, not including the roof.

Arena Kombetare