Indonesia: They have the seats, not the leg room


Indonesia: They have the seats, not the leg room All-seating taken to the extreme? A hasty upgrade of Stadion Citarum in Indonesia ended up with people having the seats, but absolutely no room for their legs. Might be funny, sure, but isn't safe.


Indonesia is one of those countries we really feel bad about, along with Turkey and Iraq, because we should have covered it better in 2017 and didn't find the time. But as fascinating as it is stadium-wise, today Indonesia takes our headline for an unexpected reason.

Below you'll find photos from Mahesa Jenar Casuals, who visited the game between PSIS Semarang and PPLM Jakarta on Thursday. The match was only a pre-season friendly, but as it was free for all, many people flocked to the modest Stadion Citarum.

What they met is a shockingly failed conversion to an all-seater. While we only have photos from the east stand, it's further proof that not all stadiums are possible to convert by simply adding seats onto terracing, just in case anyone needed such proof. While not all rows were left with no leg room, in some cases the lack of space for legs borders on hilarious. Of course, aside from being amusing, this could prove dangerous in case of accidents or mass panic.

Iseng2 mau nonton ujicoba psis neng tribun barat stadion citarum wis jos single seat.terus njajal pindah tribun timur...

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How this happened

For PSIS Semarang it's a very positive time as they've secured promotion to 1 Liga after a almost a decade of absence. However, their main stadium, Jatidiri, is currently being reconstructed and is unavailable. That's one reason why Stadion Citarum was used yesterday and one of the reasons for its conversion in the first place. It shows how hasty the operation was as there were almost no seats installed back in mid-December...