Tokyo: Olympic Stadium worker committed suicide due to overwork

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Tokyo: Olympic Stadium worker committed suicide due to overwork Though the tragedy occurred in March, only now we have confirmation that 23-year-old worker's suicide was caused by extreme overwork, even if indirectly.


Tokyo’s Shinjuku Labor Standards Inspection Office confirmed that a 23-year-old construction worker's suicide from early March was caused by serious case of overwork. After audit into the case it was revealed that the young man had worked 190 hours and 18 minutes of overtime during his last month at the Olympic Stadium construction site.

Tokyo National Olympic Stadium© Japan Sports Council

The worker became depressive due to physical and mental exhaustion and was reported missing on March 2. Later his body was found in the Nagano prefecture. Usually recognition of such cases takes longer but lawyer for the 23yo's family assured the speedy decision “reflects authorities’ consideration of the social impact of the case and is meaningful.”

Hiroshi Kawahito, the lawyer, urged all authorities and contractors to ensure proper working standards and welfare of all employees. The young man was employed by Sanshin Corporation and had been working on site since December, 2016. Sanshin said the company “is deeply remorseful and will make every effort to improve its work environment.”

“We are relieved to see our son’s hard work recognized,” his parents said in a statement. “We sincerely hope that the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics will be held safely.”