The Top 3 Premier League Stadiums

source: press release; author: michał

The Top 3 Premier League Stadiums Many people see the English Premier League as the stand-out league in world football. The fact that England was indeed the birthplace of the game makes it one of the most, if not the most popular league around.


The top players want to play in the EPL and the best coaches and managers want to be employed at top flight clubs. One thing that the Premier League also has is great stadiums. There’s the iconic type, well known in world football and the newly built modern stadia that is waiting for history to be wrote within it.

Nowadays, there is near enough everything one needs in any top flight stadium. From the very best training facilities, gym and fitness equipment to top class restaurants, shops, tours, meeting players and even sports betting services. So that, whether you are a player, the most loyal fan or visiting rival; everyone’s requirements are cater for and expectations are nearly all the time surpassed!

Here we take a look at three of the finest stadiums in the Premier League right now. All of them are great in their own right with their own special features and history which goes a long way into making them the kind of stadium that a neutral football fan or an away supporter could go and visit and totally enjoy the experience. For home supporters it could be a reminder of just how lucky they are to see their side play there on a regular basis.

Old Trafford

The home of Manchester United and currently the biggest ground in English football. Holding over 75,000 fans, it’s a stadium that has been developed over the years and therefore is steeped in history. There’s been plenty of trophies, titles, great players and iconic managers seen at Old Trafford and for many it’s the number one stadium in the Premier League because it’s the home of one of the most successful teams of all time.

Especially this season, with Mourinho and Co set to be real title contenders. Football fans will definitely enjoy the entire experience. The Red Devils next EPL home game is against Tottenham; and although this will be tight contest, fans and bookmakers like Sportingbet will be expecting a win for the home team.

People flock from all over the world, literally, to take in a game at this famous stadium or to enjoy a tour around the ground. The fact that a plan was developed and it has been followed to the letter over the years in regard to expansions; means it has retained all of its history and nostalgia while keeping up in terms of modernisation.


Anfield is another Premier League stadium that is packed full of history. They’ve followed Manchester United’s idea of expanding on what they already had rather than building a completely new stadium and waving goodbye to what makes the club so recognizable in world football. Holding close to 55,000 fans now, Anfield is well known for providing an electric atmosphere.

The Anfield Kop is probably the most well-known kop in world football. It plays host to the most vocal and ardent Liverpool fans who seem to be able to act as the 12th man on match day and have often been described as sucking the ball into the back of the net. A stadium blessed with a proud history while retaining traditional values, it’s easy to see why it’s regularly named as one of the finest around.

St James’ Park

What can you say about St James’ Park that hasn’t already been said? It’s home to probably the most loyal and vocal supporters the Premier League has ever seen. It would be very easy to name a new stadium or a ground where a more successful club regularly plays but when the fixtures are announced, most people look to see when they’re playing Newcastle at St James’ and that’s why it deserves a place in the top 3.

Again, it’s a ground that has been developed rather than moved to a new site and it currently holds over 52,000 fans and is sold out most games. The atmosphere is one every football fan must go and witness and also be a part of as words simply don’t do it justice. It’s unique in its look and one would be betting on the board to make further improvements in the coming years.