Stadium Blackjack – Facts you should know

source: press release; author: michał

Stadium Blackjack – Facts you should know Picture a sight of 44 different electronic player terminals laid out in a stadium-like pattern, inside a casino! There’s a single live blackjack dealer opposite all these terminals, facing the players.


All players involved in the game, place their bets by pressing the casino chips symbol at the bottom of their respective interactive terminals’ screens. Once all the active players have placed their bets and the countdown has reached zero, suggesting that the betting is closed, the dealer deals a single blackjack hand (meant for all the players), and then deals one card from the deck to himself. This game can be played with real money deposits as well as with all the latest free bets offers.

Every individual player takes a call how he/she wishes to play the starting hand. Once all the players are done making their moves, the dealer deals another card to the community location on the layout. With different players going bust or standing, the dealer’s hand gets completed for their respective individual game screens, depending on their decisions.

It implies that if one player decides to stand, his/her decision may send the community card/s to dealer instead, while another player opting for a hit may get the same card towards his/her hand, delaying the dealer’s card. Once the round is over and all the players’ corresponding results are complete too, the collections and pay outs are automatically processed by the system, leading to the start of a fresh betting round.

The above detailed electronic blackjack game isn’t something of the future, but is happening in real time, through a new-age game called Fusion Hybrid Stadium Blackjack. The entire setup of this stadium blackjack game has already been installed at various casinos of the United States, including Parx and Sands in Pennsylvania, Barona and Cache Creek in California, Mohegan Sun in Connecticut and Venetian/Palazzo in Las Vegas.


Please note, the stadium blackjack is only one of the various games that are available under the Fusion Hybrid System, actively marketed by the Scientific Games Corporation. The other popular games available under the system this are Sic Bo, Roulette, Baccarat and soon to be launched Stadium Casino War. An alternative to it may be casino sites.

How the game is actually played?

Let’s go over how this game is actually played. The players need to take their seats at any of the available terminals. Once they have deposited their money, their deposit appears in the form of credits at the bottom of their terminal’s screen. The players can decide the amount they wish to bet by touching and/or dragging the casino chips shown at the screen’s bottom, on to the main betting spot. They can even drag the chips onto the optional side bets’ spots such as the King’s Bounty, Bet the Set 21 and Royal Match 21.

Thereafter, the live dealer deals out a single blackjack hand, along with his/her up card. The players can then decide to hit, stand, double down or split. Some of the casinos even allow players to surrender.

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This is followed by dealing of the community cards, which would be used for the players’ or the dealer’s hand, as explained earlier. The players’ hands are then reconciled against the dealer’s and the bets are paid out or collected accordingly.